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Why You Should Never Buy A Hot Tub from a Mass Merchant Like Home Depot, Lowe's or Costco?

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The Reason You Should Never Buy A Hot Tub From A Mass Merchant Like Home Depot, Lowe's or Costco.

  • Mass merchants like Home Depot, Lowe's and Costco are all about cost and cutting corners on quality to  get the price cheap as possible is part of their game. Mass merchants  tell the hot tub manufacturers “You need to build this hot tub with these features and you are going to be paid this amount of money” Because the hot tub manufacturer has to now build a hot tub with all the features that are be demanded at a fixed cost,  the only thing the manufacturer can do to get the price down to the level that the mass merchant buyer demands is to cut the quality of the parts. So the manufacturer cuts out  the insulation package and uses cheap Chinese made parts. The spa looks great! Specification wise it reads great! But the truth is it is no longer a good price on a good hot tub, it is just a high price on a cheap hot tub.

  • The mass merchant's like Home Depot, Lowe's and Costco product descriptions are often very misleading: This goes back to them not having any experience selling quality hot tubs  and only selling price. One of the mass merchants is selling a line that says “Made in Canada with Chinese parts” on a line of hot tubs that is 100% made in China, with the cheapest junk parts you can buy. 


  • When you do a real comparison, the mass merchant's price is not competitive at all. Even when they are selling a name brand hot tub, that hot tub has been manufactured with lesser quality parts usually from China just to keep the price down. Cheap, no name plastic, cheap perimeter insulation systems, and no after purchase service or support to speak of. 


  • At LBI Pools and Spas we will offer you the best quality hot tubs at the best possible price backed by award winning service for years to come. When shopping for a hot tub, you should purchase a hot tub that was built 100% in the United States that comes with one of the  best warranties in the industry, from a company that has the man power and expertise to service your hot tub in the unlikely event you have a problem. That company is: LBI Pools and Spas

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