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Standard Equipment Package 

Isn't Standard At All

Our Standard Equipment

Looking For Something More In Your Pool Equipment?

Every New Pool Comes With The Following Upgraded Equipment As A Part Of Our Standard Equipment Package
Pool Filter ( Pentair "Sand Dollar" sand filter or Pentair " Clean and Clear" cartridge filter)
The Pool filter plays a vital role in keeping your pool crystal clear. The filter removes dissolved or suspended particles from water by recirculating the water through a porous substance (a filter medium or element). 
Clean and Clear Cartridge filter                                                          Sand dollar sand filter
Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pump ( Pentair  Superflo VS)
A pump is the heart of the pool filtration system. A Variable speed pump is a mechanical device , usually powered by an electric motor, which causes hydraulic flow and pressure for the purpose of filtration, heating and circulation of pool. Variable speed is a new energy saving feature.
                     Superflo VS pump 
(2) Color LED Lights
A LED pool lights are used to illuminate and change the color of your pool water at night time.
The Chlorinator dispenses chemicals into pool or hot tub water at a predetermined rate.
Wall skimmer
The skimmer is  installed through the wall of a pool and  is connected to the suction line of the pump that draws water and floating debris from the water surface. A basket catches the debris while the water goes into the filter for filtration and circulation.
3 Returns
The Swimming Pool Return  allows the clean filtered water back into the swimming pool after it has gone through the entire swimming pool filtration process.
2 Floor drains
Floor drains are  located on the floor of the pool and are connected to the suction line of the pool pump that draws water from the floor of the pool into the filter for filtration and circulation.
Note: A floor drain does not function like a drain on a kitchen sink. Floor drains do not allow the water to drain to waste but rather connect to the pump for circulation and filtration.
Safety hand rail
The Safety hand rail is used to aid in the entrance and exiting of your pool
The ladder is used to exit your pool. The ladder is usually installed in the deep end.
Safety Cover
A cover that’s custom-designed for your pool that provides better protection for your pool and safety for your family
Manual Vacuum
A manual vacuum is a device connected to your pool equipment to perform manual vacuuming.
Pool Care Kit
Our pool care kit is a starter kit we include for the care of your pool.
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