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New Inground Pool?

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We have been building The Highest Quality Inground Pools For Over 30 Years!

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Things To Think About When Planning Your Pool

Factors to consider

An in ground pool is a big investment and a big decision. You have thought through which pool best suits your needs, but there are just a few other considerations we want to be sure you have in the back of your mind. The goal is to bring your family together, enhance your home’s natural beauty and provide fun, relaxation and exercise. Consider these few additional things as you prepare to take the plunge!

Where to Position it in Your Yard

As you have pondered size, now ponder location – location to your house, to your property line, location to the sun! The angle it will sit in the yard and the flow of the traffic to get in/out of the pool area. Ideally, you need to balance the need for sun and traffic with the anticipated use of the pool. Will there be a lot of kids? Would you want it closer to the house so can see whats going on from the inside? Do you want full sun all day, some shade in the afternoon or morning? Ensuring you are aware of any septic system locations, as well as property line awareness when applying for the permits so you comply with any local requirements. Drawing out a small map of your yard and how you see it all functioning is a great way to get started with this task!

Landscaping and Fencing

People often forget that putting a pool in also means that you will be required to install fencing around the perimeter of the pool. This expense can vary widely based on whether you decide to fence in your entire yard, a portion of the yard or limit it to the perimeter of the pool. Again, this will really be driven by your anticipated usage of the pool – if you plan on being the neighborhood hangout, you may want more space for them to hangout in, by the pool. Additionally, you are investing a lot of money in this lifestyle change and along with the fence, comes an opportunity to make the space a backyard oasis that is nicely landscaped with beautiful stonework that qualifies it as a true “outdoor extended living space. LBI Pools and Spas will guide you in finding the right landscape specialist if you are interested.

Think Dollars and Sense

Your pool is an investment that can increase the value of your home. Make sure that you’re not skimping on the quality of the pool or construction in order to save a dollar here and there — you want your investment to last. Each pool is priced based on its shape, size and depth, as well as the accessories you want and the conditions that need to be addressed before installing the pool in your yard. For instance, removing a lot of trees and stumps prior to installation will cost more than simply installing a pool in a level backyard without trees. The best way to price your pool is to talk to a LBI Pools and Spas professional;  who can help you pick out the pool that best meets your family’s needs.

Know Your Payment Options

Looking for a low cost financing option for your new pool. We've partnered with LightStream to offer competitive financing for your pool. and or hot tub.  Compare them to your current provider and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.

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