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Let Us Show You Why A Fiberglass Pool Could Be Just What You Are Looking For.

Fiberglass Pool?

Why A

Quick Installation

Your fiberglass swimming pool can be installed in as little as 7 days. The swimming pool shell arrives on-site pre-formed, complete and and ready to go.

Maintenance Free

A fiberglass pool never needs painting or a new liner. It’s smooth inert surface cleans easily, resists stains and requires less chemicals saving you $$$ today and in the future!

Stronger than concrete

Fiberglass pools are 17% stronger than concrete, can flex up to 1 foot without cracking and are virtually bullet proof.


Quality Control

Our fiberglass pools come to  you as a finished product with all quality control performed in a temperature controlled factory. Our fiberglass pools are molded in one piece with no seams to prevent any leaks.


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Fewer Chemicals Needed

Fiberglass pools require up to 60% fewer chemicals because the non -porous shell does not harbor bacteria or permit algae growth  as does a vinyl liner pool.

Energy Savings

 A fiberglass pool requires as little as 3-4 hours of electricity per day. Compare that to the same size gunite or vinyl liner pool that requires 8-12 hours of electricity per day.

Longer Warranty

A Dolphin Fiberglass pool by LBI Pools and Spas comes with a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass pool shell. Compare that to a vinyl liner pool.

No Liner to replace

Fiberglass pools have no liners to replace. The average cost of a new liner is $3,500 and the average homeowner will replace the liner twice. That is a $7,000 savings.

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The Top  Reasons Why  A Fiberglass Pool

If You Live Near The Beach, A Lagoon Or In High Water Table Area, A Fiberglass Pool Is The Best And Only Choice For Your New Pool.
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